Evening Activities


Gold Rush: picture this… running, golden stones, and prizes galore! Our annual gold rush is an evening of fun, speed, and strategy. Are you ready to find the gold?

Dance Party: What does a dark room with almost endless glow sticks look like? Neon perfection! Give our DJ your music requests and dance the night away with your bunkmates.  Don’t know a dance? Junior staff will be sure to teach you how to wobble- and so much more!


Counselor Dress-Up: Depending on this year’s bunk theme, we will know what to expect from the counselors on this adventure of costumes and new identities! Let your bunk unite  as you figure out together how to transform your counselor, plan a skit, and share it with all of camp!

Banquet: Each year, we mark the close of camp with a camp-wide dinner where your Directors and other Key staff serve YOU- What will our theme be this year as we enjoy our abundant feast and merriment?

Counselor Hunt: It’s towards the end of camp.  You know now where to find the land sports field and the stables. But do you think you can find your counselors?  Maybe they’re hiding in a unique place?  Maybe they’re hiding in plain sight? Maybe they’re worth negative points? Join your cabin as you work together at this unique and exciting challenge!


Talent Show: It’s your time to shine, either on stage with new friends, or in the audience supporting your fellow campers!  Sing, dance, put on a play. Perhaps the staff will do something fun to mark this special day?

Carnival: Prizes, cotton candy, contests, a bouncy house, and oh so much more! We could tell you more about how much fun you could have, but wouldn’t it be better to see this in person?