DSCN1328As Main Idea uses the same facilities as Camp Walden, it benefits from Walden’s naturally protected and secure location. All the main buildings, camper and staff sleeping quarters and central activity points are located in the middle of this wooded acreage, affording us an exclusive, comfortable and easily supervised area. The campers and staff live in well-built, naturally ventilated, roomy wooden bunks, each with its own bathroom and washrooms. Counselors and Junior Staff are assigned a bunk and share in the bunk responsibilities with the campers.

We have a large dining room within a roomy Main House with a rec porch and living room for campers to enjoy during their free time.  Campers pursue their activities along the more than 1/2 mile of lakefront with swim docks and boat docks.  There are also playing fields, a riding ring and stables, tennis courts, a gymnastics pavilion, a dance practice room,  a climbing wall and more.  Plus we have indoor facilities for arts and crafts and several buildings for use on rainy days.