From The Director’s Desk

I am honored to become Director of Main Idea and am counting down the days until our campers return and camp comes alive. Almost nothing compares to the joy of our campers running to greet each other as they step off the bus each summer at Main Idea. The excitement and the energy are paralleled only by the joys of birthday cake night, where our campers are divided by their birthdates into Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, and compete to make the most decked out birthday cake before consuming it with gusto. But of course, my favorite evening activity is Talent Show. Our girls work hard all camp to dazzle us with their incredible dancing skills and  their great voices. Most important, they dazzle us with the support, love, and attention they give to each girl who decides to get up on stage.

I also love the quieter joys of camp. I love seeing a junior counselor coaching a first-year camper on putting her head underwater in our beautiful lake for the first time. I love the care with which our campers treat our horses, grooming them with love and riding them with respect. I love the excitement of our campers returning from their trip, carrying bags upon bags of freshly picked blueberries. But most of all, I love the unscripted moments, when I happen upon two campers sharing secrets, or intently playing a made-up game that makes sense only to themselves, completely content to be themselves at Main Idea.

My administrative team is comprised of Katie Chew, Julia Santos, Kiara Thomas, and Alayjah Flores. We are all fueled by a deep love for The Main Idea and a commitment to continuing its mission. Additionally, Main Idea is blessed to work with a wonderful board of directors, Camp Walden, and all of our social service agencies and schools. Together, we are making the magic that is Main Idea.

With Love,

Bex Rosenblatt, Director