New Staff Application Form

Staff Application

  • Working at camp is one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs out there. Why do you want to spend your last two weeks of summer in the Maine woods, living in a cabin with 10 children, 2 fellow counselors, and no electricity?
  • At camp, 130 girls will be looking up to you as their role model. What do want them to learn from you? What parts of you should they imitate?
  • Some days at camp, despite our best sun dances, it rains and pours and thunderstorms. We cancel regularly scheduled activities and come inside. What rainy day activity would you lead with a group of ten campers? What rainy day activity would you lead with a group of 50 campers? Bonus points for creativity!
  • Are you a student? Where are you employed? Let us know where you work or study.
  • Please list all relevant camp experience including name of camp, positions held, and dates employed.
  • Please describe other experience you have working with children.
  • You can choose up to two activities.
  • Please describe your experience teaching that activity.
  • What would you teach a group of 12 year olds in that activity? You have forty-five minutes. What should the girls learn from the lesson? How will they learn it?
  • Do you currently hold any certifications (Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, CPR, First Aid, etc.? Please list all, along with expiration date.
  • Please check all certifications you are interested in attaining during counselor training in order to work at Main Idea.
  • All staff members get to go on an overnight camping trip with their cabin. You'll roast marshmallows on a fire you build, go stargazing, and fall asleep in a tent to the sounds of the loons on the lake. How would you describe your camping abilities?
  • Camp provides all meals for you during the camp session. They are nutritious, delicious, and geared towards children's tastes. We can accommodate the following dietary preferences. Please check any that apply to you.
  • All staff members are provided with two snazzy staff t-shirts. What is your preferred t-shirt size?