About Us

Founded in 1968 by Helen Herz Cohen, The Main Idea is an extraordinary and unique ten-day, residential summer camp program that provides economically disadvantaged girls with a life-changing camp experience.

Sharing the same idyllic setting as Camp Walden in Denmark, Maine, The Main Idea provides girls, ages 8 – 14, with a close-knit, family-oriented camp environment that allows each girl the chance to develop her personality, increase her self-confidence, and acquire new skills ranging from belaying on the ropes course to team problem solving to conflict resolution…
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Activities and Programs

Activities at Main Idea are scheduled to allow ample opportunity for learning skills and developing competence while assuring plenty of time for forming friendships and having fun.

The well- structured and flexible schedule is designed to meet each camper’s needs and interests. Counselors are trained to teach in positive and encouraging ways, and each camper is allowed to develop both individually and as a team member…
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Important Dates


Camp Dates: August 20th — August 30th

All Staff Arrival: August 16th, 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Contact Information:

September 1st – August 5th
Bex Rosenblatt
322 C St. SE
Washington, DC 2003

E-Mail: bex@themainidea.org

Phone: 914-266-0209

The Main Idea Camp Camp Walden